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SM-24 Geophonemore

Tight specification, low-distortion geophone

SM-24 Geophone

SM-24HS Geohonemore

Smallest and lightest High Sensitivity Geophone in the market

SM-24HS Geohone

SM-6 Geophonemore

• Widely used in industrial vibration-monitoring systems • Rugged construction with precious-metal, rotating-coil contacts

SM-6 Geophone

SM-6 OB Gephonemore

· Design adapted from popular omni-directional geophone used extensively in industrial applications

SM-6 OB Gephone

SM-7 Geophonemore

• High spurious frequencies for extended response • Ideal for faster sample rate systems and high resolution surveys

SM-7 Geophone

LF-24 Geophonemore

Economic design for very low frequency vibration-monitoring applications Bandwidths extended to 0.3 Hz or 1 Hz @ 100% damping

LF-24 Geophone