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LF-24 Geophone


Low Frequency Velocity Sensor

  • Economic design for very low frequency vibration-monitoring applications
  • Small dimensions compared to conventional 1Hz geophones
  • Low power electronic circuit, provides an inverse-filter function below the geophone’s natural frequency
  • Bandwidths extended to 0.3 Hz or 1 Hz @ 100% damping
  • Fully temperature compensated
  • Damping characteristics unaffected by external load
  • Low output impedance
  • Rugged design allows for high shocks
  • Hermetically sealed package
  • 6-pin, watertight connector Hirose (IP-65)
  • Available in vertical and horizontal versions
  • Customized designs available

The LF-24 Low Frequency Geophone is optimized for size and performance where weight and cost are important factors in vibration-monitoring and lowfrequency seismic measurement.

The device uses a low power electronic circuit to provide an inverse-filter function below the geophone natural frequency to compensate for the 12 dB/oct signal roll-off, extending the recording bandwidth.

This compensation circuit permits the use of a higher-natural-frequency geophone, allowing for high impact shocks that could seriously damage conventional low frequency geophones. In addition the circuit is fully temperature compensated and maintains its Damping and Sensitivity characteristics over the operating range

The electronics are fully potted for increased reliability.
The 6-pin connector is provided for signal output and power supply.