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Land Geophone Stringmore

RACOTECH offers a complete series of geophone strings for land oil exploration. Featuring stable and reliable parameters and light weight design, our product distinguishes itself through excellent field performance.

Land Geophone String

PE-3C Land Casemore

Suitable for: SM24, SM4 Geophones.

PE-3C Land Case

KCK Screw Fit Male Connectormore

KCK Screw Fit Male Connector


Hydrophone applied for transition zone, marsh and shallow water operations.


SM-24 Geophonemore

Tight specification, low-distortion geophone

SM-24 Geophone

SMT-400 Geophone Testermore

The fifth generation SMT series Geophone Tester which again sets the industry standard for geophone and string testing. The SMT-400 utilises the latest advances in analogue and digital electronics including a high resolution 24 bit Sigma-Delta A/D converter which provides both speed and accuracy in the data collection process.

SMT-400 Geophone Tester