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By renting equipment our customers are able to supplement their existing equipment inventory for specific jobs. Renting allows them to better leverage their balance sheets by reducing the prospect of equipment lying idle between jobs and by reducing capital expenditures for new equipment. We are able to fulfill a customer's equipment needs upon demand.

Reduces expensive equipment surplus

Leasing allows exploration and seismic contracting companies to supplement existing equipment inventories for specific jobs, eliminating the prospect of having expensive equipment lying idle between exploration jobs.

Reduces capital expenditures

Leasing does not require significant capital expenditures and adds no debt to a company's balance sheet.

Provides equipment on demand

RACOTECH often fulfills equipment needs within 24 hours. This, combined with the short-term nature of RACOTECH's leases, provides companies with a flexible and efficient means of supplementing their seismic inventories for specific jobs.

Racotech has always been taking advantage of our identity as a seismic instruments manufacturer. With sufficient manufacturing capability comes amply equipment inventory. With amply inventory we never fail to fulfill client's customized needs for specific exploration jobs. We also provide superior after-sale and after-lease maintenance services both at spot and in workshop.

Should you have any questions or intentions in renting, please don't hesitate to contact us at Thank you!