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SENSOR Geophonemore

Exceptional quality precision geophones, testers and ancillary equipment.

SM-24 Geophone

RGI Geophonemore

RACOTECH specializes in the design and manufacture of a full series of geophone elements in the industry by international standards.


Geophone Testermore

The fifth generation SMT series Geophone Tester which again sets the industry standard for geophone and string testing.

SMT-400 Geophone Tester

Seismic Cablemore

2, 3 and 6-conductor high quality leader wire and a variety of telemetry cable suitable for mainstream seismic recording systems in the geophysical industry.

Leader Wire


All kinds of seismic geophysical connectors to the industry, annual manufacturing capacity up to 1.5 million sets.

KCK Push Fit Male-Female Connector

Geophone Casemore

Complete catalogue of geophone cases to house all ION SENSOR and RACOTECH geophone elements on land, marsh, 3-C component strings.

PE-3C Land Case

Geophone Stringmore

Seismic geophone strings for all kinds of geophysical applications in varies environments. With sufficient engineering force and manufacturing capability, we offer build-to-order service to our greatly valued customers all around the world.

Land Geophone String


Hydrophone and Dual Sensor products applied on beach, shallow sea and transition zone. We are well-equipped, skilled, accurate and dedicated to providing clients with top ranking technology and service in the world.

Dual Sensor