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PE-3C Land Casemore

Suitable for: SM24, SM4 Geophones.

PE-3C Land Case

LC2 Land Casemore

Suitable for: 20DX Geophones. (4.5Hz, 10Hz, 28Hz, 40Hz, 60Hz, 100Hz)

LC2 Land Case

LC3 Land Casemore

Equivalent to BG3; Suitable for: 20DX, 30DX, HP101, HP102 Geophones.

LC3 Land Case

LC4 Land Casemore

Equivalent to BG4; Suitable for HP10(SG10) Geophone

LC4 Land Case

LC5 Land Casemore

Excellent water proof performance, suitable for HP101, HP102, 20DX Geophones.

LC5 Land Case

LC7 Land Casemore

Suitable for HS10 (High Sensitivity Geophone)

LC7 Land Case