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SM-24HS Geohone

SM-24HS Geophone

· Sensitivity equates to approx. 4 regular geophones in series
· Optimal sensitivity/ ruggedness ratio
· Tight Damping specification
· Reduced lay-out time /  less manpower
· Significantly lower transporation costs
· Sensitivity equates
· Reduced maintenance time& cost
· Smallest and lightest High Sensitivity Geophone in the market
· Available in both land and marsh configurations.

The new Sensor SM-24HS(High Sensitivity) geophone, specifically designed for single unit recording, is based on the field proven, rugged and reliable Sensor SM-24.

With only 1.3mm larger diameter than the standard SM-24, and weighting only 86 grams, it is the smallest and lightest high sensitivity geophone on the market. This smaller mass significantly prolongs life expectancy in the field. At the same time the SM-24HS provides identical sensitivity and damping specifications when connected to a recording system.

Sensitivity and Damping are affected by string configuration and recording system load. The geophone Distortion specification is the maximum value over the 10 degree tilt angle, geophones typically perform better within the given tilt specification range.