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SM-6 Geophone

SM-6 Geophone

• Long travel version of the SM-4 (8Hz, 10Hz & 14Hz) geophone; also available in 4.5Hz natural frequency
• Special orientations upon request beyond the normal vertical and horizontal options
• Widely used in industrial vibration-monitoring systems
• Rugged construction with precious-metal, rotating-coil contacts
• 2-year limited warranty

The SM-6 geophone is a long coiltravel version of the time-proven SM-4 geophone. The extra coil travel offers anadvantage for higher tilt requirements and where larger amplitude signals maybe encountered, for example in industrial vibration monitoring. A range ofnatural frequencies is available from 4.5Hz to 14Hz, providing choice of thecorrect geophone for a wide variety of applications.

The SM-6 can be supplied forvertical and horizontal orientation. Other specialized versions are availableupon request, for example, Galperin (54.7 degree), 45 degree.

The SM-6 is an ideal choice forthe shear-wave horizontal elements, partnering and SM-4 vertical geophone in a 3-component package.