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SM-7 Geophone

SENSOR SM-7 Geophone

• Available in 10-Hz, 14-Hz, 20-Hz, 30-Hz, and 50-Hz versions; all with high spurious frequencies for extended response
• Ideal for faster sample rate systems and high resolution surveys
• Vertical and horizontal units are produced, allowing multi-component use
• 2-year limited warranty

The SM-7 geophone is available where broader bandwidth is required in high-resolution applications.

It is an advanced, high spurious geophone manufactured in a range of natural frequencies from 10 Hz to 50 Hz. The unique, patented spring design used in the SM-7 geophone provides a clean, wide band response combined with excellent distortion characteristics.

This geophone is well suited to high sample rate, digital recording. Vertical and horizontal versions of this geophone are produced, making them suitable for multi-component applications.