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Marsh Geophone String

Marsh Geophone String 


RACOTECH offers a new series of seismic geophone strings specially-designed for applications in marshland, lake area and shallow water. Independently developed and improved by RACOTECH, this new series features fantastic water resistance. Its insulation resistance is tested no less than 100 GΩ after being immersed in 6-meter or deeper sea water for 24 hours x 7 days. Its compact size, light weight design and low distortion result in the unparalleled performance in oil exploration in all kinds of shallow water areas. We can have the geophone strings custom-made according to your particular configurations.




•  Nylon waterproof case

•  High erosion resistance

•  Operational temperature range  -40℃~+100℃

•  Special cable for strong pull

•  Extended field life

•  3-year non pro-rated warranty for elements

•  Build to order