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SMT-40 Geophone String Checker

SMT-40 Geophone String Checker

• Water resistant and rugged construction; easily portable for all line conditions
• Fully temperature compensated ensuring accurate measurements
• Backlit LCD display with bar-graph with percentage deviation and nominal / actual values displayed
• Basic visual fault interpretation; Open circuit, short circuit, tilted geophones etc.
• Software programming of string configurations allows for easy reconfiguration to different geophone and string types
• Low amplitude sine-wave drive can detect dragging coils
• Continuous visual indication of battery condition
• Loud audible indicator

The SMT-40 geophone string checker is a hand-held unit, allowing a quick and efficient method of checking geophone string resistance, impedance, and polarity.

String parameters are pre-configured by software and any deviation from the nominal values are displayed on a liquid crystal display
(LCD) panel meter. The measurement is temperature compensated and has an audible tone for geophone polarity warning.

Using the SMT-40 on the line, supported by the SMT-400 Geophone Tester to analyze any faults detected, ensures complete quality control of geophone strings.